Skyforge’s Ascension includes content adjusted for player gear


When October 19th rolls around, Skyforge is getting a truly epic ground-up revamp — Ascension — designed to introduce more casual-friendly gameplay to the sci-fantasy MMORPG. Among the changes players can expect a simplification of the game’s Operations, such that they will no longer depend on the ongoing invasion events. The whole system will be buffed with the addition of Directives, which take the place of promotion adventures and are sort of like sets of timed dailies quests.

Of note, says that is does indeed have a plan to help weak players catch up with the strongest. “We successfully developed a system that accommodates for the average quality of Equipment, Bastion level, and Divine Specializations of all active characters on a server,” the studio reveals. “Based on that data, lower-level players will receive special Directives with additional rewards. Bonuses might include significant Bastion progress and large volumes of Divine Deeds. […] All players can access adventures with difficulty that adjusts to their character, and one can always find equipment that will correspond to their Might. That way, new players will be able to reach levels required for the next-to-latest generation equipment by completing Bastion quests and receiving more Might with the bonuses described above. This will bring you just a small step from accessing maximum difficulty adventures where you can earn the last generation equipment together with other players on your server.”

In other Ascension news, has announced that it has halted all regular in-game invasions until October 5th, when “they will hit Aelion with new strength” — the same day the Ascension pre-patch releases.


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