Crowfall’s crafting stations will remind you of Star Wars Galaxies

Same as it ever was.

If you’re going to spend your precious playtime standing by a crafting station, you want it to be awesome, right? Hell yeah. Crowfall is aiming for that goal, says a new dev blog this week, but it’s also doing things a bit differently.

“In addition to acting as centralized locations to craft items, crafting stations in Crowfall also provide a collection of other services to the player,” Design Lead Thomas Blair explains. “They can have inventories for storing resources (and completed items), they enable an experimentation phase (where the crafter is allowed to invest points to adjust the attributes and stats for the items produced), and they offer NPC (thrall) slots. Placing a thrall into a crafting station will grant buffs and stats to the crafting process and enable the creation of blueprints. These stations also act as factories for mass production, in a manner similar to the bulk-production runs of Star Wars: Galaxies.”

Each station will be spiffed up in appearance according to its specific discipline.

“The stone table is perfect to use as a base for both Necromancy and Enchanting, which are both ritualistic disciplines. But in some cases it doesn’t make as much sense… Disciplines within a particular group within a set group might work better with different base stations, and sometimes the same base station would actually make more sense to use across entirely different groups. For instance: the furnace works great for Blacksmithing might be re-propped and work great for Cooking.”


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