RIFT delays Starfall Prophecy beta, announces big aventurine and PvP changes

[AL:Rift]Heads up for those hoping to play test RIFT: Starfall Prophecy today: Trion Worlds decided to push the expansion’s open beta to next Monday, October 17th. [Updated below.] The studio was vague on the reason for the move.

Speaking of the expansion, the team announced that there will be a significant change to the minion system with Starfall Prophecy. Aventurine will be capped at 5,000 when the expansion launches to keep players from hording the currency in order to blow through world events. So consider this your warning to spend that extra aventurine now.

The team also discussed how it will be streamlining RIFT’s PvP game. “We’ve decided to streamline the amount of PvP content that is available at any time,” Trion said. “In Starfall Prophecy, PvP in RIFT is about warfronts. While we love open world PvP and conquest, focusing our attention (and yours) means better PvP.”

Source: Beta announcement, PvP, aventurine. Thanks Veldan!
Update: Brasse now says the beta has been delayed with no new date yet.


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