EVE Online player promises $75,000 reward for thwarting enemies

EVE Online
If yesterday’s CCP crackdown on gambling and RMT in the EVE Online universe wasn’t enough drama for you, order some more popcorn for this one. An EVE player says he’s putting up a $75,000 US bounty on a particular alliance.

“I’m giving away IRL money through a paypal contract link to pay for the IRL time for gamers to participate in evictions,” Redditor holder2k told Reddit last week. “The event will be Total Payout of: $75,000 USD for Hard Knocks Eviction. […] The amount is based on total payout, so the more people the less individual payout. Doing the math on HK if we get 800 toons, it’s $94 per toon, if we get less the payout goes up.”

You’ll note that this deal would seem to violate CCP’s new EULA, and indeed official forum threads on the topic have been shut down. PC Gamer has printed both Hard Knocks’ claims about the identity of the player (which ironically lend legitimacy to the payout) and holder2k’s claims that members of Hard Knocks are harassing him or her in real life. Even if this is just the usual EVE Reddit trolling, no doubt the timing will ensure a juicy EVE Vegas.

Source: Reddit via PC Gamer. Thanjs, alexjwillis!
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