World of Warcraft welcomes back Hallow’s End

World of Warcraft welcomes back Hallow’s End

World of Warcraft: might be feverishly preparing for next week’s Update 7.1, but that doesn’t mean it can’t enjoy a treat (or trick) in the meantime. Today marks the start of a two-week Hallow’s End festival.

This old favorite holiday is back for another spin with a few small additions. Players can obtain the Grommash costume set and plunder some candy in Dalaran before fighting the banshee Aria Sorrowheart. And of course, there’s always the tradition of taking down the headless horseman himself in Scarlet Monastery for fame and a shot at his sweet pony ride.

The event will run through November 1st, so get on top of it if you need all of the achievements for the meta or if you simply want to get those extra rewards.

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