Riders of Icarus introduces new dungeon challenges that are downright legendary

Good children.

Do the challenges of Riders of Icarus dungeons no longer delight you? Do you enter a dungeon and immediately start saying, “Dad, this is boring,” then suddenly panic because you called the tank “Dad” for no good reason? The good news is that the new legendary dungeon difficulty will address the challenge part of things, giving players two potent debuffs and requiring a legendary emblem for entry. It’ll give even experienced players a challenging set of battles to fight through, making the dungeon feel fresh and threatening once more. It will not, however, address your habit of referring to party members as your parents.

Should even the legendary dungeons feel too simple, players can take on the new Gustling Isle raid dungeon to attack the titan Tranua, or the Attaius Peak raid dungeon to fight against the eponymous storm titan Attaius. Both of these raid dungeons and the legendary dungeons also give players the tools necessary to tame some legendary mounts, so it’s not just gear you’re after when you march into the fight.

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