Dark and Light shows off a small sampling of its creatures

Boy-howdy, it's a bar.

We’ve seen the landscapes of Snail Games’ upcoming Dark and Light, but just landscapes alone aren’t enough to make a game. What’s a landscape without creatures to populate it? Boring, that’s what. So you can take heart that the latest batch of screenshots isn’t about showing off landscapes but creatures, ranging from the mundane-but-awesome (the majestic bear) to the not-mundane-but-still-familiar (the slightly less majestic goblin).

One can certainly not fault the game for lack of diversity, ranging from centaurs to elephants to dinosaurs to griffins. And as with everything in the game’s engine, everything is quite detailed. Check out the full gallery just below, and if you’re looking forward to meeting (read: fighting) these creatures, remember that you’re not going to have to wait all that long.

Source: Snail Games press release