World of Warcraft celebrates its anniversary with corgis and trivia


It’s been twelve years since World of Warcraft launched, and that means it’s time to log in, earn anniversary achievements, and pick up some anniversary rewards. Players who log in between now and November 30th can pick up 200 Timewarped Badges and the full Anniversary package from the nearest mailbox, offering bonus reputation and experience for enemies killed as well as a chance to earn more Timewarped Badges with trivia.

Yes, the lorekeepers of the game have questions for you, and players with an ample knowledge of WoW history can answer these trivia questions once per day per character for a heft dose of gold, experience, and anniversary currency. In addition to picking up this year’s corgi pup pet, you can also buy past rewards like the inflatable Thunderfury and the Van Cleef costume. Just make sure to get in your reminiscence before November 30th; then it’s time to be done with remembering the past and snap back to the present.

Source: Official site; thanks to Rick for the tip!
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