Revelation Online shows off its options for PvE content, both grouped and solo

Teamwork indeed.
As Revelation Online continues through testing, players will inevitably be curious about what you can actually do in the game. The most recent article on the official site shows off two such options with the game’s dungeon and solo challenge content. Players gain access to the first dungeon at level 20 with two difficulty modes, but dungeons overall offer five different challenge levels (easy, hard, heroic, deadly, and epic) with some dungeons allowing players ways to ramp up the challenge even further. If you love multiple versions of dungeons, this game has you covered.

You can run into the dungeon directly or make use of the game’s group finder to get into the dungeons, so solo players without a lot of friends online at any given moment can still jump into the dungeons. You can also jump into the solo challenges in the Trial of the Four Kings arena, unlocking new and diverse challenges for your personal skills as you level. That should keep you flush with things to do for at least a few hours.


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