Albion Online salutes its Faye update


The frontiers of Albion Online have expanded to include the wilds of its new forest biome. The ancient woods have plenty of resources, but those attempting to harvest them might have to fight off the trees themselves.

This is but part of today’s Faye update, which is on the live servers. In addition to the forest biome, Faye contributes the royal guild warfare system, 19 new music tracks, essences, persistent mounts, guard towers, and perhaps most importantly, emotes.

“We have added a total of ten player animations in the form of emotes,” the devs reported. “You can now make your character cry, laugh, dance, and more! Type /applaud, /beg, /bow, /cheer, /cry, /dance, /flex, /laugh, /salute or /wave to activate the respective emote.”

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