Master X Master tests its Titan Ruins this weekend

we still don't know when we're tessssssting

NCsoft’s upcoming Master X Master is thankful for a chance to squeeze in another playtest this week. The MOBA is currently running an alpha test through November 28th in both North America and Europe.

The playtest is centered around the Titan Ruins, a 5v5, three-lane PvP mode. “None of the previous alpha data will be available for this test as we want to have a fresh look and feedback on Titan Ruins,” NCsoft said. “We’ll be removing the level requirement for Titan Ruins and ranked mode for this test, as well as unlocking all masters for play immediately.”

Speaking of masters, two new characters — Nedien and Tulam — are available to play in this test. If you didn’t get in, don’t fret: The beta and launch for Master X Master are coming in 2017.