Funcom to demo Conan Exiles live on Friday


Wanna see Conan Exiles in action — no filters, no fluff? Funcom is gearing up to demo the survival sandbox live tomorrow so you can do just that.

“This Friday, December 2nd, Funcom takes it one step further by unveiling live gameplay for the first time ever in the inaugural Official Community Stream on Twitch. […] Creative director Joel Bylos and community manager Jens Erik Vaaler will guide you through the Exiled Lands and show you some of the things Conan Exiles has to offer. They will also talk about how development is progressing and whatever else might be on their minds at the time. Maybe some other Funcom devs will join them as well?”

The festivities begin on the studio’s Twitch channel at 1 p.m. EST (7 p.m. CET) tomorrow. The game is still scheduled for early access launch on January 31st, 2017.

Source: Press release, official site. Thanks, Nordavind!
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