Allods Online’s next big update adds in low-level Astral Allods and Skirmishes

Fresh-faced losers again.

Every MMO wants to put its best foot forward, but it usually as a lot of content that’s locked behind higher levels. So how does a game like Allods Online show off its most unique and engaging features to newer players? With content scaling, naturally. The 8.0 update adds new low-level options for players to take part in Astral Allods and Skirmishes, meaning that even players who have just begun to play can give this content a shot right out of the gate.

Players can queue up for Astral Allods at level 23 and Skirmishes at level 10, with stats and gear scaled up to keep everyone on the same playing field. Players will also receive experience and gear from the content that’s appropriate for the actual character level, so you can use them to boost your experience or even replace your normal questing path altogether. Everyone gets to play all of the content forever; it’s a good thing.


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