Don’t miss The Game Archaeologist’s histories of Asheron’s Call


The impending loss of Asheron’s Call — and Asheron’s Call 2 again — hit the MMORPG community pretty hard when the sunsets were announced yesterday, even though a lot of us saw it coming. The late reveal that WB/Turbine won’t be releasing the servers to the community was salt in the wound… powdered quartz in the vitae, if you will.

We thought those of you feeling all the feels might like a trip down memory lane — thankfully, our very own Game Archaeologist can help. Justin’s penned several long-form pieces over the last year covering the history of the venerable franchise. Enjoy, and remember.

The Game Archaeologist: Asheron’s Call - It's hard being the youngest child -- you get the hand-me-downs, suffer through swirlies by older siblings, and eventually develop such a neurosis that it requires seven different brands of…
The Game Archaeologist: Asheron’s Call 2 - MMO sequels are funny animals. Sequels (along with prequels and "reimaginings") are ingrained into the entertainment industry so deep that it makes sense that MMO studios would follow suit. And…
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