PSA: The Secret World is on sale for 75% off

It's less of a secret now.

Big discounts are nice. They’re especially nice when you’re talking about buy-to-play games, since that means you can get the game at a discount and then keep playing it forever. So if you’ve somehow missed out on grabbing The Secret World up until now, you’ve got motivation to pick it up today; the game is on sale for 75% off, meaning that the bare-bones version of the game will cost you about $7.50. That’s almost criminally cheap.

Don’t want to get the bare-bones version? That’s fine; the game’s deluxe edition contains the base game, all of the additional issues, a special outfit, and a set of starter weapons. That’s going to run you the wallet-crushing price of… $17.50. In other words, it’s now going to cost you very little money to get the game forever. So it’s well worth sneaking in a purchase with leftover shopping money or any Secret Santa gift cards you might have gotten. The sale runs until January 3rd.

Source: Official Site; thanks to George for the tip!

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