HeroWarz plans a year-long shutdown

Here is something you don’t see every day: An MMO that is voluntarily taking itself offline for a year to rework the title from the ground up (yet this does sound familiar…).

HeroWarz, the hack-and-slash title from KOG Games, announced this week that it will be going offline as of March 26th for what the studio is calling “The Pause of HeroWarz.” The team is apparently not content with the game’s current state and claims that it needs put HeroWarz on haitus for a revamp of non-specified features.

Until this “pause” players can enjoy ongoing boosts and check out some sweeping balance changes that may herald some of the reworkings to come. KOG Games said that it will stay in communication with fans during the downtime period and will hopefully relaunch HeroWarz in early 2018.

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