Elysium opens up yet another Nostalrius server


The pro-vanilla World of Warcraft community is fond of flinging Blizzard’s “you think you do, but you don’t” around as a defense for the existence of illegal emulators. But how big is the demand out there for such servers when you get past the noise and bluster of the most passionate fans?

Last weekend, the Elysium Project turned on a new vanilla World of Warcraft PvP server, and apparently it’s already getting slammed, with queues causing hour-long waits to access the game. This marks the third emulator shard for returning Nostalrius players, and now it looks as though there is to be a fourth.

The team apologized for the long queue times and announced that it will be opening up a new PvP server today called Zeth’kur. See how bad the queue has gotten in the following short video.

Source: YouTube. Thanks Bartillo!
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