Star Citizen Q&A addresses the persistent universe

It's like three games for the price of... well, actually, it's two games now.

For MMORPG players, at least, the holy grail of Star Citizen’s rollout is its persistent universe: a shared, ongoing server that’s most familiar to what we are used to in our genre. It is probably going to be one of the last modules released for the game, which is why the team hasn’t spent as much time talking about it as other, more imminent features.

Yesterday was different in this regard, as RSI sat down for a lengthy Q&A session about the persistent universe. Efforts were made to differentiate between standard MMO formats and Star Citizen; for example, planets won’t gate players by level but by the gear needed to land on them. Other topics included disconnects, planetary exploration, lengthy guild campaigns, spawn rates, environmental dangers, currencies, distress beacons, and farming.

Give the 36-minute Q&A a watch after the break!

Source: YouTube. Thanks Fastcart!

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