WoW emu Elysium suffers serious ‘database compromise’


One of the downsides of grey-market game emulators for the end-user is that security isn’t always a priority. Case in point? Elysium suffered a database compromise yesterday.

Elysium, you’ll recall, is one of many illegal overseas¬†World of Warcraft emulators, this one in the news of late particularly because the infamous Nostalrius server code and characters were rehomed there following the Nostalrius meltdown after BlizzCon. More recently, Elysium agreed to remove all traces of Nostalrius following the latter group’s expressed desire to put its days of piracy behind it and embrace more legitimate legacy WoW community activism.

Elysium’s devs pulled the game and the official website last night, citing a gold hacking incicent on one of the PvP servers.

“Preferring to remain safer than sorry, we have kept the servers down until this afternoon to ensure beyond a shadow of a doubt that all is well,” they write, telling players that their “data [are] safe” and that no rollback is forthcoming. “Should we get ANY hint of a database leak, we will let you know immediately. However, as of now, we have no reason to be concerned this is the case.”

In fact, apparently the hackers claimed they were just “testing [Elysium’s] security measures” by granting accounts huge sums of gold, and so one was offered a job with Elysium.

The website remains offline this morning.

Source: Breach. Thanks, BrotherMaynard.
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