Conan Exiles addresses tech issues post launch, laughs at dong obsession


Funcom’s brand-new early access survival sandbox Conan Exiles got a patch yesterday aiming to clean up multiple issues in the game, including server sorting and selection, Steam Connect tools, disconnects, and building damage. You should also never immediately die of hunger after respawning. Bonus.

On Twitter, the studio told fans that it’s still working on boosting server capacity “as soon as tomorrow, but it will take time.” It’s also working on rubberbanding problems and is promises patches on the daily.

Meaaaaannnnnwhile, the internet has discovered that egalitarian body sliders mean lots and lots of male anatomy. (Hey dudes, if you’re discombobulated by the sudden obsession with your sparkly bits, imagine how we’ve felt all this time!) Here’s one NSFW example — totes not safe for work, but amusing nonetheless — retweeted by a Funcom employee. You’re welcome!

MOP’s Andrew and MJ began streaming the game starting Monday; I understand shirts are also entirely optional. Here’s their Tuesday show!

Source: Steam
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