Shroud of the Avatar previews clockwork critters and virtue shrine system


Hope you like clockwork critters because Shroud of the Avatar is about to get a slew of them. The game’s latest newsletter shows off such beasties as the clockwork attack cat, clockwork attack raven, and the assassin automaton, all part of the clockwork menagerie that’ll be inflicted on players in K’rul thanks to those craft kobolds.

Of note to fans of Old Britannia and the original Ultima games is the upcoming town blessing system, which is basically a clone of Richard Garriott’s classic virtue shrine system. Each shrine — I mean, devotional — is based on one of the core virtues and principles and grants a buff accordingly. For example, the Justice devotional reduces your fizzle chance and buffs your cooking skill. Good food is justice.

There’s much more to the newsletter, including another look at the gloriously crumbly and moss-drenched Rhun ruins and some gorgeous screenshots, which we’ve tucked below.

Source: Newsletter

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Has anyone played this recently? What are the combat and world / graphics like now?

The game I remember looks like the screenshot of the eastern looking castle, a far cry from the pretty landscape shots directly preceding it…..

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Darasimi Makinde

Just logged in, I’m not sure if the graphics have improved, or just the optimisation, but either way it’s certainly looking a lot nicer but alas the combat still feels sluggish and unresponsive.

I’m coming from ESO where I feel like my character swings his weapon without any latency whenever I click my mouse, and dodging feels nice and responsive with an optimal balance between the distance, animation and time taken to get back into the action. Shroud still has a ways to go in that department.


Aside from the still-murky combat, does anything stand out? Crafting, RP, PvE, etc.? I keep eyeing this, knowing it is in an early access, but the feature list looks rich and enjoyable.