MechWarrior Online adds the Supernova, works on skill tree revamp


Glomping into MechWarrior Online this week is the brand-new Supernova, a fearsome beast of a machine with two weapon module slots and two consumable slots.

The Supernova is part of the February update, which also adds some cockpit items, renames the invasion game mode to simply “siege,” auto-renews mercenary contracts, and makes a slew of faction play and ‘mech adjustments and fixes.

Next on deck for the lobby brawler is a revamp to the skill tree. The team has been working on this for some time and is adjusting it based on player feedback from the test realm. “The biggest topic of discussion has undoubtedly been the economy of the skill tree system,” the devs wrote. “Much of the feedback we received also centered on the relative balance of the skill tree and the structure and content of certain skill branches and skill nodes.”


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We were scared at first because the new skill tree was sooo expensive and practically enforced ‘boating’ (equipping 1 type of weapon vs. a variety).

I am pleased they are taking a 2nd pass at this but also, the change to disconnect engine size from mobility is disturbing. I say this because PGI has, over the years, step by step, removed the original FASA game rules and gone their own direction. So now, this is becoming something other than the BattleTech we grew up with.

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Richard de Leon III

im eagerly awaiting the skill tree revamp, i prefer more mobile mechs including my assaults. The Supernova on the other hand i didnt buy, not that its bad, but i just want more IS unseen that havent been added yet, namely the crusader and wasp/stinger.


They are testing taking out mech mobility linked to engine size, might be interesting to see how that affects things on the test server.