Crowfall shows off the design of the Fort architectural set


The next big development milestone for Crowfall is work being done on the game’s Eternal Kingdoms, a place for players to build a spot of refuge through the many different iterative world states that the game will endure. That means showing off some of the architectural styles which players can mix and match, and the latest one up for display is the Fort. Never fear, though, it’s more than just a smaller version of the Keep; it’s more like a Nordic hall than anything.

The Fort consists of an open hall for gathering, drinking, eating, or training, surrounded by wooden palisades to hold out any unwanted beasts or visitors. The plan is that players can mix and match this style with that of the Keep to make a unified aesthetic, but we’ll have to wait to see more of the Keep to view that in action. Until then, you can just enjoy how light and airy the Fort will feel. Nice ventilation, too; that’s important in real estate.

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