Shroud of the Avatar’s Starr Long on the pros and cons of early access


Construction continues apace at Shroud of the Avatar, where the team reports that two new areas are being crafted for future releases. There’s the Sepent’s Spine Mines, a Kobold-infested underground space that will be one of the game’s “most vertically oriented mines to date.” Then there’s The Fall, an open PvP area named after what you’ll probably be doing when you are foolish enough to wander around in its dark spaces.

In this past week’s newsletter, the team also showed off the technological arsenal of City Kobolds (and players will be able to loot and use some of these weapons!) as well as the wearable outfits of the Obsidian Cabalists.

On Friday, March 17th, SOTA’s Starr Long will be talking at SXSW Gaming on the subject of “Is video game early access too early?” According to the description, “This talk weighs the pros and cons of early access using Shroud of the Avatar as a case study.” Looking past that, Release 40 for the game is scheduled to arrive on March 30th, followed by Release 41 on April 27th.


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huck huvk

The shield of this community no longer hides or block the reality, that the project is a one big clusterfuck.

So much time and money already lost, for something distant from the original plan, filled with useless nostalgia, when it comes any presentation of defense.

But, let´s make another account on many sites to repeat – “it looks old, but i will give a try, after few hours i must say, it is engaging.”

Richard, why do you not have planned better, building a solid staff and invested more, the risk of a MMO fails is big yes, but at least something less messy for your immaculate profile.

Nathaniel Downes

This, right here! Early Access almost seems to be viewed as some kind of cureall. But, it is expensive to run, and the benefit to it questionable.

Kickstarter Donor

I recall Tabula Rasa. They let way too many people in that early. It kept me from buying the game when it released, and probably a lot of others stayed away from it. That’s too bad, since when it shut down I’d heard they fixed most of the problems and it was pretty decent at that point.


“Is video game early access too early?”


“And that’s all we have for the panel, folks!”