Conan Exiles on this week’s patch, The Purge, and a ‘partial wipe’


DualShockers has a new interview out with Conan Exiles’ Joel Bylos. It’s from GDC, but it’s still worth a look given that it includes info on this week’s patch. For starters, expect to see the new decay system (it’s been renamed as the “ruins system” now), the planned dye system, new weapons, and the promised thrall updates — eventually, players can expect alchemists, engineers, sorcerers, and beastmasters as thralls. Don’t expect mounts until summer, though. Crafters, a heads-up for you: Since crafting progression is getting a revamp, “players will get to repick all of their recipes.”

The Purge is also a hot topic for future updates — basically, it’ll be a massive AI invasion with special thralls and an eye toward wrecking your server’s best stuff. Can’t let that happen, now can we.

Meanwhile, following player outcry over the excessive duping and exploiting going on there, Funcom has announced it will partially wipe the official servers.

“As part of our next patch later this week we will be partly resetting the official servers. By this we mean we will delete inventories and buildings from the servers completely, but we’re letting players keep their character levels. We’re doing this to nullify the effects of the recently fixed duplication exploit, which let players duplicate avatar tokens and building materials. Resetting the servers in this way lets us mitigate the consequences of this exploit and lets everyone start on an even playing field. This is also a part of a feat and weapon rebalancing that we’re putting out with the upcoming patch. Please give us feedback on this after it’s been rolled out.”


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Roger Melly

I’m rather glad to hear they wiped in ancient Cimmeria . Even if it was only partially :P


Look out for those “partial wipes”… you’ll end up with skid marks in your underwear…

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Alfredo Garcia

That interview was way too full of “maybe we’ll do this, or that, or who knows, we might do this other thing, and then we’ll do it in whatever order our customers seem to want judging by what gets yelled about the most on Steam!”

Between the interview and this partial wipe “solution” to all the exploits and hacks I’ve pretty much lost all ability to believe that Funcom has any idea what they’re doing. Given their track record, I don’t suppose that should be a surprise.


Except you level by making things and if someone had effectively unlimited resources then they could easily and quickly level up. Still as half measures go it’s not too bad a one.