Project Genom’s content update date uncertain, progress assured


There’s certainly a lot to digest in the most recent Project Genom newsletter, although perhaps the most important item is buried all of the way at the end. The team said that despite getting asked about it a lot, it simply does not know when the next big update will be pushed out to the game. Perhaps in the first half of this year, but no promises.

Even so, it sounds as if the game is making terrific progress as of late. The team listed several accomplishments, including multi-racial female heads, more polish to the world around the main camp, a futuristic tow truck that you can drive, NPC animations and the final integration of the male model. The team is asking the community about whether or not NPCs should follow a day/night cycle in their activities, even if it interferes with quest pickup and delivery.

Another big improvement was another pass at the game’s Dump dungeon: “As with all other locations, our main task is to improve the gameplay and the quest component. More logic, level design, and interest. The previous Dump suffered from the abundance of useless spaces and bugs with falling under the textures and generally didn’t resemble a dump. Now it will be a real cemetery of unnecessary things, with its inhabitants, both hostile and peaceful. The player will meet new side quests, interactive environment, complex fights and improved graphics.”

Source: Steam
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Sometimes gamers are their own worst enemy, when games launch and look rushed we complain, when they take their time we complain.


Yep. Developers cannot win. Do a sub based game? LULZ Subscription. Do a F2P game with cosmetics ? Lulz why spend moneys?!?! F2P with lockboxes ? Lulz, crooks condoning gambling by children.

And the things you said.

Its a joke what our society has turned into. Complaints about everything under the sun. Its sad. Social media has turned everyone into crying little bitches.