ARK: Survival Evolved adds in underwater housing and laser-equipped mosasaurs

First Dr. Evil joke gets it right in the face. No fooling.

Would you like to be under the sea in a technological garden in the shade? ARK: Survival Evolved has you covered with its latest patch. TEK tier research will allow you to build an entire underwater base so you can find for yourself if there is indeed water at the bottom of the ocean. If you’re worried about enemies, don’t be; you can also equip a mosasaur with technological armor and laser beams. Underwater.

In other words, just tell your friends that they’d better check under the sea.

For those of you who prefer more terrestrial endeavors, you’re hardly left out of this patch. You can build a teleporter, tame the magnificent Equus Magnus, uncover the mighty Iguanodon, and generally do your best to stay away from the water. Of course, with the massive Leedsichthys swimming in the depths, you may be tempted to catch some of those aggressive fish for their succulent meat… which just goes to show that there’s nowhere in the game where you can truly be beyond the sea. You probably can’t make your Equus drink from it, though.

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