Elder Scrolls Online bets you’re gonna roll a Warden in Morrowind

Even if you don’t care a fig for the province of Morrowind or Elder Scrolls nostalgia — in which case, what sort of alien creature are you?! — you might just be curious about The Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming class, the Warden. It comes with bears, so you don’t really need to know anything else, but we’ll tell you anyway.

“The Warden class is an adaptable, support-orientated option for players who want to be able to fill a specific role while simultaneously providing assistance to others. If you are interested in a class that uses the wilds of Tamriel to protect, heal, or deal damage (occasionally all at the same time) the Warden is for you,” says ZeniMax. The studio made an effort to tie the nature-based toon into the lore (something something Bosmer priests of Y’ffre) and create a druid-themed look for the heals and buffs, of which it has plenty:

“The Warden also stands unique in The Elder Scrolls Online as an ally-focused class that finds creative ways to benefit their group-mates regardless of their primary skill line or role. For example, Frost Cloak gives you and nearby allies Major Ward and Major Resolve, resulting in a serious buff to the party’s defense, and Enchanted Growth grants your allies Minor Intellect and Minor Endurance, increasing both Magicka and Stamina regeneration.”

Take a peek at the demo video and latest stream below.

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