World of Tanks overhauls its matchmaking system

Calling Patch 9.18 “one of the most significant ever” for World of Tanks, Wargaming overhauled the game’s matchmaking system this week as part of a concerted effort to address some troublesome areas.

So how does this matchmaking overhaul make the game better? “The improved matchmaker assembles teams choosing from a set of server-based algorithms — templates — so that both camps always have the same number of vehicles at the top/middle/bottom of the list. It also limits the number of SPGs per side to 3 at the most and significantly reduces the instances of map duplications.”

In short, fewer unfair matches and more battles in which you’ll have an honest shot at victory. The update also changed SPGs to become long-range artillery support for teams and revised the light tank lines to spread them all of the way to Tier X.

Source: Press release, matchmaking overview
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MM is worse now, they just haven’t gotten hammered by the EU or RU player base yet. WG ( Russians ) tends to ignore NA players and treat them like swamp water.


Aww, no more fourteen arty matches?!

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Nathaniel Downes

These were awesome!


Oh no did they do so thing to my Bishop? Going to check it out.


Funny thing on twitter they referred to it as a generic micro patch, but it really is a huge step forward towards more balanced fun matches. Players have liteally been asking for this for years. I cant get an answer though on whether or not this also got applied to console or pc only. I play on console and am really hoping it gets applied there too if it isn’t part of this announcement.