LEGO Conan Exiles isn’t a game, but it is a trailer

Well, all right.

The whole “LEGO everything” bit is pretty played out at this point. We’ve got several dozen platforming 3D games that have “LEGO” in the title without actually featuring any building, just gentle parodies of the story while everything is covered in brick studs. Of course, then you see the fan-made trailer for LEGO Conan Exiles and you can’t help but be at least mildly amused by the idea that this is what you can do with the concept.

Obviously, this is not a real crossover brand (Conan Exiles has far more dangly bits than the LEGO toyline usually endorses, for starters), but fan axoNNNessj assembled stop-motion animation of actual LEGO toys over four months and cut them together in a recreation of the game’s announcement trailer. It’s just below if you want to see a trailer you probably already know, but now with everything as a plastic brick. And, hey, maybe we will get some sets out of it in the long run. Everything gets a LEGO set these days.

Source: YouTube
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