Shroud of the Avatar polishes up the desert, teases a moondial


What’s that up in the header screenshot? Is it Conan Exiles? Nope — it’s Shroud of the Avatar’s Sequanna Colossus map and my favorite kind of biome, and it’s due for “uncloning” and customization post-Release 42, complete with the colossus itself, desert ruins, the requisite oasis, mesas, stone arches, and the bleached skeletons of long-dead behemoths.

Sequanna is spotlighted in the game’s latest newsletter, where Portalarium is also talking up the recently released Bloody Bay, the ongoing May free trial, and the summer telethon slated for next week on May 31st.

Finally, the devs have released a video feature on the truly stunning moondial launching in R42 — the only bummer is it’s a cash-shop item. Check out that video and all the new screenshots down below!

Source: Newsletter
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Downloaded the game yesterday and i could not play it, it was slow, maybe 10 FPS, click on things and the game response 40 sec later, is there anything i can do to change that?

John Kiser

That sounds more like a latency issue than a FPS issue.


could be, still the game is slow when i move around, i’ll check it later, hopefully it is just a server issue.