The Stream Team: Sabotaging Secret World’s castle

Massively OP’s MJ is back home, and that means she’s back in The Secret World! Last time in her sabotage adventures, she left off ready to storm The Castle. Today she gets to do it. Who wouldn’t want to prowl through an ancient castle filled with vampires? The Castle is one mission she hasn’t done at all, so she is not sure what to expect. Can she make it through the vampires alive and unseen? Tune in live at 9:00 p.m. as MJ tries to get closer to The Unseen achievement. As a bonus, we can talk some about Secret World Legends!

What: The Secret World
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, June 8th, 2017

The show is over now, but we’ve embedded it here just for you. Don’t forget to check out past streams and playlists posted to our videos collection!

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I had a lot of fun infiltrating that castle, although it did drive me crazy at points (I readily admit to using Google to help me plan my way around the tough bits). Just me and my pet cat, Isis, versus the bad guys.

Castagere Shaikura

I have to admit the story telling in this game is amazing.


It’s definitely one of those missions that are very polarizing. I knew people that ran it every time it went off cooldown, but I just ran it once and called it a day. Same with Price of Magic; although I have to admit that meeting other people trying to tackle it, and helping each other pull through, formed bonds (of suffering, I guess).

Bryan Correll



Exactly my thoughts… when looking at your post.