Transformers Online moves to open beta in China


3Are your primary complaints about Overwatch the fact that it doesn’t exclusively star giant robots while being a Chinese-only title? Because that’s exactly what Transformers Online is; Overwatch, but starring Transformers, and it’s China-exclusive. And with the release of the latest installment in the atrociously bad film series, the game has moved into its open beta phase in its native (and only) country.

The update also includes new skins for Optimus Prime and Megatron based on their appearances in the latest installment mentioned above, which you can purchase for about $15. You can also check out videos for the skins below, although it’s worth noting that once again, this title doesn’t seem to have any plans of an import. Still, considering the usual fate of online games starring the Transformers, perhaps this is still a pretty solid success.

Source: MMO Culture

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I wish the horrible movies produced for a Chinese taste, which are generations behind our own, would finance better writing and directing here stateside. If that were the case I’d be fine with low brow car chase movies and robot beat-em-ups so art could be enjoyed by a more refined culture.

For movies it has simply lead to more of the same with rare exception.