LOTRO’s new allegiance system will take you to fantastic places

One of the new major systems that’s coming with Lord of the Rings Online: Mordor deals with your pledged allegiance to certain Middle-earth factions. Players will choose between four races to dedicate their Mordor adventures, opening up a special headquarters and unlocking rewards over time.

Allegiance can be pledged to the Court of Celeborn (Elves), Hall of the King (Man), Erebor (Dwarves), or Bar Thorenion (Hobbits). As players progress in their allegiances, they will open up a special quest line. “Allegiances do have you filling up a bar, and there are repeatable quests and rewards, but for me the significant addition is that each of them tells a continuing story,” said developer MadeOfLions on the forums.

Get an early look at all four class halls allegiance halls after the break!

Source: LOTRO Players. Thanks Anonymous!

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Can someone please tell me if the Mordor Expansion comes with all previous expansions?

Mike Blackwell

No. It’s a separate expansion, like the others that came before it.


I just jumped back in this game but sidelined my 65 Champ (level cap last time I played) and Re-Rolled a hunter, lvl 28 right now, gonna take me forever to level up to the new content, lol


Sounds great.

Also: it seems you can only unlock all 4 allegiance stories and halls if you have at least 4 alts, which is a nice reward for people who like to play alts, which is a good thing for the game. And I’m saying this as someone who does not have any alts above level 60. I like if in an MMO there are small parts of the content that not every class can access; makes for a slightly different experience between classes and thus players, which provides the potential for stories to be told and in general gives the world more character.


This looks cool, Justin. I never took the time to check this stuff out yet on Bullroarer.

I have two 105 Dwarves ready to go to Mordor. I guess one is going to have to be on “loan” to the Hobbits or Man.


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This game is so charming, alas i don’t have time to play it now, but soon … hopefully

Viktor Budusov

Reputation + Halls&Quests. Well it’s better than usual reputation grind


The hobbit hall is kind of disappointing, but the other ones look lovely.


I think that it looks pretty, but it at difference to the other halls, don’t fit the hobbit style.


There’s a big reason why It can’t be hobbit themed. Can’t be in the Shire and Mar Thalhu / Gladden Fields are pretty estranged from everyone else.
The location makes sense when you remember Sam and Frodo are busy recovering from their travels at the Field of Cormallen.
Bar Thorenion is in Ithilien right nearby.


Yah, that make sense.