Durango: Wild Lands begins closed beta on mobile

Damn right they have feathers.

If you happen to live in Southeast Asia, you might have an opportunity to play dino wrangler this weekend that the rest of the world will not. That’s because Nexon is running a closed beta test in the region for its newly retitled Durango: Wild Lands.

Gamers in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia can download and try out the game on Android devices. There are a lot of changes that have been patched into this build, including the addition of camps, island classifications, courier warp holes, 15 new creatures, 24 new weapons, a level cap increase to 60, clan competition, and the ability to claim a swath of land on which to plant an enclave.

Even if you can’t play the closed beta, nothing’s stopping you from checking out Durango’s prologue and gameplay below!

Source: Facebook via Steparu
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