Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 44 finishes episode one’s story

Turns out that you can't just do Ultima with the serial numbers filed off again.

Shroud of the Avatar is complete.

Not the full game itself, of course, but the storyline to episode one is now fully playable from start to end without any gaps, thanks to today’s Release 44. “This means that players can now play through the entire episode one story from beginning to end including all three paths of virtue: Truth, Love, and Courage,” the team posted.

This month’s content update for the early access title also adds dread artifacts, polishes a few scenes, adds the ability for tenants to charge rent, promises more attentive NPCs, and empowers guards to levy fines on those they catch stealing. So be good for goodness’ sake, and read the patch notes to prepare yourself!

Source: Patch notes

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That should be “adds the ability for property owners to charge rent”.
Tenants don’t charge rent. Tenants pay rent. Landlords charge it. (ignoring subleasing :P)