Ultima Online begins epic 20th anniversary event, warns of harassment threat

It was just how things were done then.

Is there any shame in throwing a birthday party for yourself? Not if you invite everyone and make it hecka fun, we say! Ultima Online has kicked off its 20th anniversary event this week, welcoming everyone to celebrate the 1997 MMORPG and all that it’s accomplished over the past two decades.

The event arc is called The Shattered Obelisk, and it will be rolled out in five parts over the next two months. It should be noted that once the fifth part arrives on September 28th, you won’t be able to access the previous four — so don’t dally!

“The Shattered Obelisk includes activities for group and solo play, challenging quests and puzzles, new areas of the world to explore and a continuation of the saga that is Ultima Online,” the team posted. “Along with the in game features and fiction that are part of Publish 98, we have exciting new fiction that will be posted on UO.com as well as support events held by our event moderators.”

Along with the in-game events, Broadsword is hosting a real-world party as well, one marred by an apparent rash of threats — which the studio says it won’t tolerate.

“As most of you are aware we have had players threaten other players that are coming to the 20th Anniversary Party. We treat these issues incredibly seriously, and all harassment pages, including threats, are logged on the server. We then forward these logs as a potential threat to law enforcement, who will follow up to the fullest extent of the law. Please know we do not take this lightly. For all of those that are worried regarding the 20th Anniversary Party the issue has been resolved and you should not have any concerns regarding your safety.”


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This post motivated me to dig harder into recovering my old UO account. I was successful in spite of the original e-mail address no longer existing. Turns out I created it right at the beginning of 2004. I’m downloading now with the goal of doing all the 20th anniversary quests. Up next I think I’ll check in on my old DAoC account, I’ve always got positive vibes from the Broadsword crew.


Wait, what? There were threats of real world harassment and/or violence?

Wow. I hope those assoles get what they deserve.

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…what the hell? Why are people threatening others? I’ve always seen Ultima as one of the quieter, nicer communities (given its smallish size nowadays), have I been wrong about that or something?

STOP BEING ASSHOLES, PEOPLE! Or at the very least, if you can’t stop yourself from being an asshole, be an asshole without threatening people -_-

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Christ…I don’t even want to know why. What happened to basic civility and decency?