Wurm Online adds a new highway system to the game

It's not David Lynch, this highways is quite well-found.

Roads! You use them to get from place to place. The same is true in Wurm Online, where the latest patch has added a whole new highways system to the game on PvE servers. Players can use the highways to link multiple locations with paved tiles that cannot be destroyed, ensuring that you can travel hither and yon freely rather than wandering in the wilderness and getting eaten by a bear.

So this is good news for everyone other than the bear. Bears are probably less happy about this.

The patch also adds in new fences and parapets and a new crate rack feature, along with some new creature movement fixes for avoiding water (which may or may not mollify the bear contingent). There are also the usual bug fixes and client improvements, so that’s all good even if you have an ethical opposition to highways. The new system should make highways easier to craft and use, though, so go ahead and make your highway and call yourself Eisenhower.

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