Lost Ark gets a new website, opens second CBT signups


Korean-born MMORPG Lost Ark has just gotten a huge website revamp that hints at a development ramp-up. If you run the site through Google translate, it’s pretty usable even if you can’t read Korean; there are profiles for the four classes, a beautiful interactive map, and a run-down of basic features.

Smilegate has taken the relaunch to announce a second round of closed beta testing. Signups begin today and end September 8th, with the actual test slated to run September 15th through 24th.

Steparu notes that signups are aimed at Koreans, so you’ll probably need a Korean phone number to successfully register, but hey, this is the internet, so I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

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With what appears to be no plans to bring it to the West and no translation, it’s a stunning looking game to be tortured by.

Raimo Kangasniemi

I would be surprised if it isn’t brought over sooner than later, considering the apparent wide appeal of East Asian MMOs currently have in EU & NA markets. I just hope that there will good quality translation effort involved, which is a big problem with many of these games.

Anthony Clark

I hope it comes to NA