Elder Scrolls Online celebrates the Imperial City DLC’s anniversary with loot-stuffed events

Elder Scrolls Online celebrates the Imperial City DLC’s anniversary with loot-stuffed events
You know what’s fun? MMORPG anniversaries. You know what’s extra fun, chiefly because of how unusual it is? MMORPG DLC anniversaries. Who does that?

ZeniMax, that’s who.

I’m talking about The Elder Scrolls Online, of course, which is celebrating the anniversary of its Imperial City DLC, which originally launched in 2015. Players who own the DLC (or buy it at a steep discount this week) will be helping to “liberate” the capital’s wealth by romping through the zone’s temporary event and collecting all kinds of free stuff, from double Tel Var stones to double the loot sacks, the proceeds of which can be turned in for (or used to unlock) even more loot.

“While taking part in the Imperial City Anniversary Event, you’ll earn bonus rewards, including:

– Double the amount of Tel Var Stones dropped from all monsters
– Double the chance of picking up either the Stonefire Scamp pet or the Soul-Shriven Skin
– Double the amount of Key Fragments
– Double the amount of sacks dropped by the Tel Var Scamp and Treasure Scamps

To earn the above items, take part in any Imperial City activities, including clearing the Imperial Sewers below the city and capturing zones in the city streets. You can even earn bonus Key Fragments by taking on the DLC game packs’ two unique dungeons: White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison.”

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Toy Clown

It’s nice to see them giving over holidays to the PvPers. Of course, I’ll be sitting out the PvP event and patiently waiting for the Witches Festival and the Christmas one.

odin valhalla

The last PVP event, mid-year mayhem was mired in disconnects, lag, harsh ping rates, rubber banding, and the ESO immersion killer the dreaded load screen. It’s great to have events but when your servers can’t handle the load it’s really just a nuisance to those who want to the play the game as per normal.

See you in queue, number 387… ;)


Cool, works out well for me since I haven’t delved into this DLC yet. Time to check it out.

Indigo Salma

I would have wanted double or tripple xp and drop rates from dungeons …