PAX West 2017: Playing Kritika Online’s upcoming Psion class in Shattered Table

Head games.
[AL:Krit]En Masse recently introduced the newest class coming to Kritika Online, and while visiting the studio’s offices during PAX West 2017, I was able to dive in and play it. This Psion class — a combination of swordsman and mage —  generates psychic swords to slice, dice, and generally Ginsu her enemies to pieces. One skill even allows her to throw her blades, which combined with her guns (bound to right click) gives her good ranged options during battle. As I am not the biggest fan of in-your-face combat, I appreciated having options to move me outside of melee range and keep attacking.

With every attack, Eclair (the name of the character who wields the Psion class) adds to her rage meter that once full she can use it to gain a burst of increased attack power, movement speed, and critical hit. This was pretty fun when used in conjunction with her aerial attacks; I was jumping high to get behind for that sweet back attack bonus.

After practicing all the attacks on the cutest test dummy ever, we moved into the new Danger Zone Shattered Table. This newly released endgame dungeon is the hardest content in game, with no option except for extreme difficulty. There I could see just how powerful this new class was. Our team of two well-geared Psions breezed through this dungeon pretty easily. In the tombstone room, we wiped those out so fast we never even got a ghostly warrior to appear. We smacked down all the bosses pretty handily — until the final boss whose horses trampled me a few times. We did defeat that final boss, but with only three seconds left on the clock.

You’ll get the chance to try the Psion yourself in October when it launches, and you can play on Steam starting this month.

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