Eternal Crusade patches in melee balance and matchmaking improvements

Pictured: hurty bit.

Considering that Eternal Crusade takes place in a very far-flung future, you could be forgiven for thinking that the game was set long after the point when firearms had become the only real method of hurting people. But it seems wrong to give your Space Marine a bunch of cool hacky tools like chainswords without making wading into melee the right choice at least some of the time. So it’s good news for players who like to hit things that the game’s most recent patch brings a lot of additional balance to all of these pointy bits of metal.

The patch also includes several matchmaking improvements as well as new map routes to allow more flanking opportunities. That’s in addition to various other balance tweaks, like ensuring that strafing isn’t as fast as running straight forward. Check out the full list of changes to get a sense of how the environment has shifted, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements today about the next major additions to the game.

Source: Steam

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Paarthurnax Dragonhearth

The best improvement would be to Close the Game and forget they even made that JOKE


Managed to only play one game in weeks as an Ork, no one in the queue so it just sits and eventually I just close it. Supposedly they’re adding in steam workshop support so maybe that’ll help but right now it feels like the games on its last legs

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Alfredo Garcia

The game is just not made very well at all. It’s also a shadow of what it was originally supposed to become and the development has been incredibly slow. I think the only thing that’s kept it alive this long are the diehard Warhammer fans.