Ashes of Creation offers a peek at its Alpha Zero environment


Point the first: Can we all agree that “Alpha Zero” is a really cool name? It seems weird that we don’t have dozens of games on different platforms with that title. (There does appear to be one.)

Point the second: We’re not talking about that game. We’re talking about Ashes of Creation, which is showing off its Alpha Zero test environment in the latest video from the team. So that’s great!

Point the third: That test environment is, well, just the environment. So don’t expect to see much in the way of gameplay… or, well, anything in the way of gameplay. Unless you count panning cameras as gameplay.

Point the fourth: You should not count panning cameras as gameplay.

Point the fifth: If you want a look at those environments (and they are gorgeous), you can check out the whole video just below. It’s three minutes long and definitely lovely, even if the game’s actual mechanics aren’t on display. (A fact that fans are already grousing about in this video’s comments.)

Source: YouTube
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