ARK: Survival Evolved players riot over turrets as Aberration is pushed to December


Over the weekend, Studio Wildcard posted up an ARK Survival Evolved dev blog about turrets. You guys, I had no idea turrets were such serious business, but yes. Threaten to nerf turrets and the dino-loving community erupts – why, they barely even noticed Aberration has been delayed into December!

Ostensibly, Wildcard needed to nerf turrets because y’all were just using too many of them, causing tremendous lag for the servers.

“PC servers are far, far worse off than console servers, due to their increased caps on everything, and each and every one of these servers suffers enormously from turret-induced slowdown. PvE doesn’t even come close,” devs explained over the weekend. “Out of the top 150 slowest servers we have, only 15 of them in fact are PvE servers. This is a PvP issue, and it’s really bad.”

Consequently, come December 5th, Wildcard planned to disable all turrets that exceeded the new density cap, while also buffing turret damage by 20%.

Following the uproar, however, Wildcard says it’ll also introduce a new turret with “about a 4x increase in overall effectiveness and cost” without impacting anything else.

Last week, the studio halfheartedly shut down a rumor that it was working on a sequel to the recently launched ARK, complete with an elaborate justification for the totally hypothetical sequel it is totally not working on. It didn’t go over too well.

Source: Official site, official forums. Cheers, Tanek!
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