Pantheon shows off the process of making a city with its latest video

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If you wanted to catch the newest Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen stream live, we’re sorry to inform you that you’re too late. It already happened. But luckily, you can watch the archived video down below, and it should provide you with nearly an hour of viewing pleasure. Assuming that you derive pleasure from watching a city get put together, but let’s face it, who wouldn’t find that pretty cool?

Yes, the stream brings together the creative director (Chris Perkins), the lead concept artist (Jared Pullen), and of course the director of communications (Ben Dean) to explore the process of making the capital city of Thronefast. The city in the video is in an early state, but that’s part of the enjoyment; you get to see the concept art and see the initial models for areas that will later be filled with rushing water (instead of blocky gray masses). Check out the full video just below.

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They made great progress regarding the visuals. I like the idea of pantheon but i am curious if they can technically compete with the other mmo´s out and if their idea of a social mmo will work out or not. I am interested in it, pledging was too expensive imo but at release i might check it out.

Chronic Enigma
Chronic Enigma

Excited for this one. Everytime I see more of it I’m reminded of Everquest and Vanguard. The whole exploring out quests seems fun to me. I know how everyone wants just to be pointed in the right direction but it feels so much better your running around and you hear about an attack on a farm up the road, and you stop what your doing and ask the lady about it. You then take on a quest. Boom!

Chosenxeno .

Hmm…The Ship of Heroes has story had lots of Posts. I’m the only one posting here lol. Pantheon is a nice idea but I still wonder if their nigh forced grouping can work. I do like all the time they spent on thinking about just the door here. If they put that much time into a door they should do pretty well on other things like questing.


Well Brad was one of the main developers of the original EQ (evercrack) so I expect a lot of time put into questing, I cant wait to get into groups that need each other again.

Kickstarter Donor

Neither one of them have that many posts, and some Pantheon articles have gotten a bigger response than this in the past. I think the only safe thing to say about both games is that both of them are likely to be niche games appealing to a relatively small audience that hasn’t gotten what they’ve wanted in a while… and that’s the good thing about both of them, IMO.


I received a T-shirt and a signed postcard from Brad McQuaid today. (backed the game on Kickstarter which failed, then after when the site went private). Things must be ramping up.

Brad McQuaid

Glad you got your t-shirt — enjoy :)