The Daily Grind: When is the last time that an MMO sucked you in?


Here is something weird that has been happening to me lately during my gaming time: I’ve been really getting into Dungeons and Dragons Online after many, many years away.

It kind of started slow, as I dutifully did one solo dungeon run a night, but before I knew it I was staying in the game longer and longer for that “just one more dungeon” hit. It kind of amazed me how fun this MMO still is and how satisfying some of these instances can be to explore and solve.

I love that feeling of getting sucked into an MMO. Sometimes people call it “addiction,” though I shy away from that term due to its negative connotations. In any case, what about you? When is the last time that an MMO sucked you in and kept you playing beyond what you anticipated?

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ESO, like… Now

Brown Jenkin

Pretty much any time I jump back into GW2. The thing is it only ever pulls me in for the short-term. GW2 is an amazing game to play for a few days at a time.

Before my most recent stint in GW2, BDO was definitely the last culprit. That game is gorgeous to look at and soo fun to play, sadly the progression system is enough to convince me that I just can’t live a healthy life while trying to play it.


Project Gorgon. If you ever liked the skills type game like UO, where there are no levels just dozens and dozens of skills to level, you’ll love it. It goes a step further and the skills have great depth and complexity, there’s skills for everything from eating (not just cooking), dying (yes, you can get better at dying), anatomy (breaks down with sub skills like rodent anatomy, undead anatomy, etc), forensics, interpretive dance, and on and on and dozens of crafting, gathering and combat skills.

They even give you an in game note pad because everything isn’t just handed to you for quests, you WILL need to pay attention and take notes during quests to complete them. Nothing in this game is handed to you, you figure out things as you go and it’s so rewarding to discover some new skill or system.

I honestly can’t say enough good things, after playing probably every MMO out there, this got me hooked hard.


DDO was the one that hooked me after my brief WoW adiction. Some of the quest designs are really great, there are a few that I had to quit in frustration but that is ok. Other than that Secret World had some really mind blowing content. Some areas where just too hard for me. Downloaded the new Secret World but had some problems with lag. Have to try it again later.

Kickstarter Donor

World of Warcraft recently. Up until then I hadn’t played it since Bruning Crusade released. Recently I returned and I am oddly loving it, I haven’t had this can’t stop playing buzz from an MMO since LOTRO released. I’ve seen lots of people moaning about the Warlords and Legion expansions but for me I am loving that content.

The new classes are fun, Garrisons are fun, the pokemon game is a hoot, the levelling process although still very grindy in places (mostly rep grinds) but on the whole is a lot more streamlined. Dungeon queuing is a lot less hasslesome. The only downs so far have been the lack of racially specific garrisons style (they are all human styled for alliance and all orc style for horde, which is a disappointment seeing as they actually have designed racially specific architectural styles for all the races) and the main story for the classic content is mostly told through the raids not the quests so you don’t really get a feel of a main story arc for the first 50 levels.

Jeremiah Wagner

Although I never had any RL friends that played GW1(they were all sucked into WoW). I always felt like GW1, and early WoW did the best job by far of making you feel like you were truly on a grand adventure were death could be right around the corner. Both of those games really sucked me in years ago. I love that feeling of knowing work will be over in two hours and I can once again continue my great Journey. It was like reading some amazing book were you begin to feel like your actually there.

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Everquest 2’s new expansion is doing it right now. I find myself accidentally logging in and playing when I’m meant to be doing something else. Lol. I wasn’t even going to buy this expansion as they cut the trade skill main storyline but they’ve said they going to patch it in. We’ll see. It will be a shame if they don’t as non-combat questing was something that made EQ2 unique. The expansion is really good anyway. :-)


I get sucked into every mmo this is why im here and no doubt why most of us are here… there is just something about mmo’s. That magic that makes you wanna love em’. Beyond what I anticipated? GW2 and WotLK. And when Cryptics Magic The Gathering comes out I will fall head over heals again until I see its gaping faults nay the generes fault lines and then I will walk with a heavy heart once more oh this burden we bare!

Oleg Chebeneev

Currently. Im totally addictied to Project Ascension and play it many hours a day.
FOr those who dont know, it is WoW private server where there are no classes, you build your own from talents and abilities of diffent classes. I play on PA-Sargeras that has hardcore PvP ruleset (players drop loot in PvP). It also has other custom features like Random Enchantments that you can put on items to add more depth to character progression.
Gave me totally fresh experience of WoW. Check it out:


Guild Wars 2, as we speak. It’s beautiful, I’ll never run out of things to do, and it’s an engaging world to explore (and the game rewards me for doing just that).