Dark and Light opens master builder servers


One neat thing about survival sandboxes is that they seem to embrace a wider variety of rulesets than we typically see in most MMORPGs. Such is the case for Dark and Light, which opened up a new type of server this week that’s aimed at budding architects.

Master Builder servers encourage players to construct to their hearts’ content, featuring no decay, no scheduled wipes, expanded building protection, and faster gathering, taming, and leveling. These servers will also be where players can test out the latest and greatest construction items and enjoy Steam Workshop integration.

“We’re going to be keeping a close eye on these servers to prevent the use of structure-related exploits and harassment, and regularly removing structures that negatively affect the health of these servers,” the team posted. “Master Builder servers are designed to promote the beauty of architecture!


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Lol! It’s true. The construction Epeen is pretty bad.