Lineage 2 EU completes its current story saga, plans free weekend on its classic server

Darn, no.

Big things are afoot in the realm of Lineage 2 this week. Its European version just added “The Last Page — Salvation” update that concludes the current storyline saga, reworks several classes, adds the Shadow of the Tree hunting zone, and simplifies clan management.

The Lineage 2 EU Classic server also got its own update called Antharas, which brings out the titular dragon for an epic showdown. There’s also a new high-level Forgotten Island hunting zone as well as catacombs and necropolises sprinkled across the map. The team is preparing a free weekend to celebrate Classic’s second birthday from December 22nd through the 24th.

In other Lineage news, Netmarble put out a new video discussing the importance of resources in Lineage 2 Revolution. Are you playing this mobile MMO (which pretty much plays itself)?

Source: Patch notes

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I’m still playing Lineage 2R on my iPad but it’s starting to lose its appeal. I’m keading two clans that are both going well though so already would feel guilty quitting.

I picked up Stormblood formFFXIV during game awards for $20 so that may be the better use of my time.