TERA’s December update brings back the Broken Prison

It's jail time.
[AL:TERA]The December patch for TERA has arrived, and it’s brought back the Broken Prison. Yes, it’s returning it for store credit, because it’s broken and thus not terribly useful. Or it’s a dungeon that has had its balance tweaked and is back to challenge players once again; could really go either way. (We’re betting on the latter.) But more important than the returning dungeon are the many quality-of-life changes brought with this update.

Players can now find most of the items previously bought with Federation Bills under the Fantastic Fashions shops, and several new items have been added to the Federation Bill store. There are also changes to the way that Crystalbinds are delivered to elite status players, so there will no longer be problems unlocking certain achievements. Check out the full patch notes for all of the details while you enjoy the winter holidays and such.

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