RuneScape winds down for Christmas, promises mobile talk in the new year

The RuneScape team is out of here, y’all. Turn the lights off, nobody’s home.

Oh, they’ll be back, it’s just that Jagex is winding down for the holiday season to give its hard-working team members a break. That doesn’t mean that RuneScape’s going dark; on the contrary, with the Winter Weekend events running all month, the advent calendar, and free presents via LootScape, there are goodies for all good little boys and girls.

Before locking up for Christmas, Jagex did tease what’s coming in 2018: “There’s plenty coming in the new year, and we’ll be showcasing much of it in the Year Ahead video on the 5th of January. We’ll be covering RuneScape Mobile, mining and smithing, bank rework and a few surprises.”

Source: RuneScape
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